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Books These are the generalists. For more specialist shops and other book sites see
Amazon £ (still my favourite -- great service but sometimes beaten on price)
Alphabetstreet £ (I don't rate them now but still have keen prices and free delivery)

Book Brain is a great price comparison engine but PLEASE come back and actually shop through us or we do not make a penny!

CDs see also
Audiostreet £ (see comment above - part of the Alphabetstreet empire)
Amazon £ - see above
HMV - getting better but still needs work
101 CDS less mainstream

Videos see also video
BlackStar £ one of my favourite Web sites bar none. Fantastic service will even search out second hand copies of videos no longer available. Their associate scheme is different to most as, if you sign up with them via us we keep getting associate fees "for ever" but I suspect that will change one day. If you really want to help please get video loving friends to visit BlackStar via this link!
Amazon £ (again!)

Toys for more specialist toy sites see
Toys R Us
e-Toys UK £

Chocolate ???

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